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Expert Services

1. Expert Witness Services

FRG provides expert witness services to the Court to assist in making decisions on claims. Our staff, expertly lead by Per Olsson are trained and highly experienced in providing expert opinion in a number of building code related defects and legal matters. Our staff are trained by both the Australian and New Zealand engineers’ institutes who deliver courses for Engineering Expert Witnesses.

Per is a sought-after expert witness in the field of fire safety engineering and is regularly retained by the most prominent legal firms internationally for small and major cases.

Our case expertise has required computer-based modelling techniques, experimental full-scale tests, full site invasive testing, forensic site investigations, mediation and court work including cross-examination. This variety of work has ensured a broad background and experience level to tackle the most complicated expert witness cases.

2. Help with R&I

FRG regularly provides support to a wide variety of international bodies in the fire research, innovation and product development field. We have been commissioned to assist in the development of regulatory standards and codes relating to aspects of fire including bush fire risk assessment, massed timber code development and etc.

A strong commitment to research and innovation is critical for ever-improving life safety at the regulatory and product development level.

We also support numerous manufacturers on the development and innovation of their products to improve performance, access previously untapped markets and develop better supporting documentation.

3. Evac System Design

FRG provides testing and development of evacuation systems for complex underground facilities, such as metro stations or rail/road tunnels. Using a digital model (i.e. a Virtual Environment) of the built environment, participants are exposed to and evaluate different evacuation designs, such as notification and way-finding systems, in Virtual Reality experiments.

Research has revealed that designs often fail if they are not properly evaluated and tested, which can only be done by evaluating and testing the systems before implementation.

Our experts have previously worked for product manufacturers, engineering consulting companies and in universities as well as research institutes and fire testing laboratories. We are active in standards development bodies and professional societies including International Standards (ISO TC92) and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) with our experts holding leadership roles.